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WSI’s Ahead of the Curve webinar series started just after the Covid-19 outbreak.

This session is about helping entrepreneurs and marketers to stay strong during these tough times.

We hope you will take away some actionable insights from this webinar that you can look at implementing rapidly.

This webinar Covid-19 is about Pay-Per-Click Optimization Tips from Google directly

Businesses typically earn $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads—that’s an ROI of 200% (

And while this is an impressive return on investment, several factors can impact your Google Ad campaigns’ performance.

To make the most of your pay-per-click (PPC) budget, you need to continuously optimize your campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, keyword phrases, and even your landing pages, all while paying attention to your consumer’s purchase behaviors.

So, how can you catch-up on the latest consumer search trends and PPC optimization tips in less than an hour? How about from Google directly on our webinar.


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the latest paid search trends are and how they could impact your campaigns over the next few months
  • How you can create plans for your advertising spend, and see how changes to campaigns might affect key metrics and overall ROI using Google’s Performance Planner
  • How you can improve the performance of your paid ads using the optimization score feature within Google Ads

Google’s Expert leading the session:

Angelina Miller


Angelina Miller is an Agency Development Manager at Google. She has 9+ years of experience in the digital marketing space and has worked with a range of clientele from boutiques to Fortune 500 companies such as General Motors on their digital strategy and business growth. Angelina is also working on her second Master’s degree focusing on user experience design and human-computer interaction at the University of Michigan.



Download the slides here.

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