Why is digital marketing so important in today's world?

digital marketing

In this episode of Doctor of Digital, our podcast host G.Mick Smith interviewed Gabor Markus, CEO and founder of WSI – We Simplify Internet, to give us an insight into the world of digital marketing.

Gabor has enlightened the listeners with his wide perspectives and know-hows about the current situation of the Digital world. He has then elaborated on marketing tactics and brand awareness to gain more prospects. He has further encouraged the internet users to explore the field of online marketing and make the digital marketing strategies profitable to their businesses.
The Podcast gives a broader outlook on:

  • The changes in the field of digital marketing over the years.
  • The impact of social media marketing.
  • The growth areas, namely, Ecommerce & Social Selling.
  • The multichannel approach to reach potential clients.
  • The means and types of digital marketing that WSI uses in favour of businesses.

Additionally, the podcast gives a platform to listeners to get in direct contact with the expert Gabor Markus, who speaks about all the possible ways to reach out to him in order to find solutions to any queries related to the digital world.