ON-DEMAND SESSION - Top Considerations for Achieving E-commerce Success

Are you making the most of your opportunities online?


Today’s economy is forcing businesses to go through a digital transformation and reinvent themselves to be more agile. As a result, having an e-commerce store is becoming a sure way for most businesses to maintain and grow their revenues. 

However, running a successful e-commerce website is not an easy task. Having an e-commerce site doesn’t automatically mean you’ll generate sales. Nowadays, consumers expect a quick, seamless and user-friendly online buying experience. If you’re new to e-commerce or aren’t reaping the rewards of your current e-commerce efforts, then this on-demand session is for you.

That’s why in our latest on-demand session, we brought together a few of WSI’s e-commerce experts who have a wide range of experience working and helping businesses succeed online. 

Key takeaways

In our latest on-demand session, we discussed some of the top considerations for achieving e-commerce success and answer the key questions every business should be asking themselves to ensure they are delivering an exceptional online shopping experience.

In just 30-minutes, we’ll cover: 

  • How can you ensure your customers have a positive online shopping experience?
  • How important is shipping, and can it impact my online sales and reviews?
  • What online store technology should I be using for my business?
  • How will online shopping behaviors change post-pandemic?

As a thank you for registering for this session, you’ll also get access to download our Ecommerce Planning Guide: 18 Key Questions to Address for Ecommerce Success

WSI’s Experts leading the session:

Sharon Herrnstein


Heidi Schwende


Digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices against Covid-19 crisis

This WSI’s webinar serie started just after the Covid-19 outbreak in 2019.

It is about helping CEO’s, entrepreneurs and marketers to stay strong during these tough times.

We hope you will take away some actionable insights from this webinar that you can look at implementing rapidly.