Improve Your Ecommerce Website Experience


Digital marketing tips, tricks, and best practices

WSI’s Ahead of the Curve webinar series started just after the Covid-19 outbreak.

This session is about helping entrepreneurs and marketers to stay strong during these tough times.

We hope you will take away some actionable insights from this webinar that you can look at implementing rapidly.

This webinar Covid-19 is about how to Improve Your Ecommerce Website Experience

In the last year, businesses have lost roughly $756 billion because of a poor e-commerce experienceand we want to make sure you aren’t one of them.

This webinar in our Ahead of the Curve series discusses how you stay on the path towards ecommerce profitability.


During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why site design is so important and how your online sales can be impacted by how fast or mobile-friendly your website is (or isn’t)
  • The anatomy of a great product page and what elements are more likely to prompt someone to hit the “add to cart” button
  • How you can streamline your check-out process and make your customer service team more accessible during the shopping experience
  • Digital marketing tips to help minimize one of the biggest challenges e-commerce sites face today—cart abandonment

WSI Expert leading the session:

John Leech


Prior to working as an Ecommerce Consultant, John was the European Ecommerce Director for Lenovo growing their e-commerce capability from zero to 14 countries. This gives him the perspective of both a consultant and an e-commerce business owner. He now brings that experience to bear working with a variety of organizations to grow and scale their online businesses.



Download the slides here.

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