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Global Clients

“To me, business isn’t about wearing suits or pleasing stockholders. It’s about being true to yourself, your ideas and focusing on the essentials”

– Richard Branson

Who are WSI’s clients?

Our clients come from businesses of all sizes around the world – from a small landscaping business to a global consumer packaged goods company. They are usually a little different in that they play by their own rules and never settle for average. They are driven by a deeper sense of purpose and refuse to be just another company in a crowded market. Oh boy, this puts a lot pressure on us.

But truth be told, we find these bold visions exciting – intoxicating. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something big and meaningful?

With each new project we are pushed to the extremes of creativity and marketing performance. Always learning something new, breaking through old paradigms and discovering better ways of helping our clients realize their vision by leveraging the full capabilities of the Internet.

“WSI knows how to create marketing magic on a tight budget”
– Elizabeth Cox
A little over two decades ago, WSI began with one digital marketing agency in Canada and the single-minded focus of helping business leverage the best of the Internet. Many years of bootstrap thinking and thousands of client successes, have helped us expand to hundreds of offices in over 80 countries.

Professional Services is a strategic division of WSI designed to help clients grow beyond their local region into new, untapped markets around the world. The challenge for many businesses looking to expand globally generally comes down to the lack of local market digital expertise. One of WSI’s many advantages is its global footprint, and with WSI clients can effectively test and enter new markets with small investments – hedging risks in search of exponential growth. Each WSI agency provides both local marketing knowledge and market presence that can help lay the foundation for your new market expansion. Whether you want to test one or ten countries for growth opportunities, WSI can easily help you turn low-cost exploration into solid and predictable revenue.

WSI's Local Clients
At WSI, we work together with our Clients in order to implement effective digital marketing strategies. Let us have a look at WSI's Local Clients at Geneva.
Swiss and Local Clients - Bridport
Swiss and Local Clients - Chevalley
Swiss and Local Clients - Kasurgery
Swiss and Local Clients - Perform
Swiss and Local Clients - Evolink
Swiss and Local Clients - Jacquet
Swiss and Local Clients - HHC
Swiss and Local Clients - lindegger-optic
Swiss and Local Clients - MSE
Swiss and Local Clients - Mapaero
Swiss and Local Clients - Naturalpes
Swiss and Local Clients - Guex

Facebook Reviews

  • 5 star review  WSI est déjà en soi une garantie et une sécurité à travers son réseau international, ses Cases-studies, son knowledge sharing, son forum de pros du marketing digital - et sur cela Gabor a élaboré sa propre touche personnelle et son écoute attentive. Donc oui ! WSIgabs est THE digital strategic partner à consulter. Profitez de faire décoller votre business avant qu'il ne devienne trop cher ! ;-)

    thumb Silvan Schmid
  • 5 star review  Gabor amazed me with his business insight and original ways to solving problems in Marketing domain. He provided outstanding session for the "Digital Transformation for Business" Executive program at HEG Geneva. Eager professional!

    thumb Yvan Cognasse
  • 5 star review  Gabor is a clear expert on the topic of marketing strategy in the digital age! He thinks like a true entrepreneur and can seamlessly solve the most challenging issues in order improve any company's digital presence, and in turn increase revenues / profitability!

    thumb Stephane Budel
  • 5 star review  Gabor is a dynamic person and expert in Marketing strategy as well as in technical fronts. He is having expertise in website development which includes technologies like WordPress, magento, drupal, joomla and php . He is always ready to take challenging work and am always happy to work with him for long time.

    thumb Rahul Shivaji Bendbhar
  • 5 star review  Best digital marketing agency in Switzerland because only one which provides a 1-stop shop for all DM services

    thumb Gabs Maks
  • 5 star review  Gabor est un expert dans le Business Development. Le Marketing Digital est une belle corde à son arc. Faite lui confiance pour développer votre stratégie digitale et améliorer vos objectifs de ventes !

    thumb Marion Camerlynck Wsi
  • 5 star review  Compétent, réfléchi, et intéressant...je recommande

    thumb Jean-Philippe Laborderie
  • 5 star review  Très bon professionnel, très bonne prestation

    thumb Ghislain Gresse
  • 5 star review  Écoute, efficacité, savoir faire 👍🏼

    thumb Sophie Le Tanneur Pelpel
  • 5 star review  Pour avoir participé à une présentation de Gabor, je peux confirmer qu'il maîtrise parfaitement son sujet. Il était d'autant plus intéressant à suivre qu'il est généreux dans ses conseils et dans ses exemples concrets, donnant aussi volontiers de son temps. Laisser parler les gens est une qualité précieuse, merci à lui.

    thumb Benjamin Philippe

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